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Who's This "Lift With Luke" Guy?

Hey there, I'm Luke – your dedicated guide to all things health and fitness! A burning passion for wellness courses through my veins, igniting from my early days of competitive sports. It was destiny that led me to the gym at just 12 years old, courtesy of a former Olympic swim coach who recognized the fire within me. Since that serendipitous moment, I've been hooked, and the rest is history.

My journey of devotion led me to embrace every opportunity my middle and high schools offered – from strength, conditioning, coaching, to even reffing. Fueling this fervor, I delved into 4 years of post-secondary studies in broad sports science, followed by 2 intensive years specializing in strength, conditioning, and personal training. But my appetite for knowledge didn't stop there; I'm on a mission to devour every insightful book in the field, such as Cal Dietz's Triphasic Training, Matthew Walker's enlightening Why We Sleep, and the transformative Breathe by James Nestor. Trust me, these reads are game-changers!

In the vibrant realm of fitness, one name stands out as my beacon – Travis Mash. His unwavering dedication to strength and performance has shaped my journey. For a dose of inspiration, check him out @masheliteperformance.

But let's address the million-dollar question – why should you listen to me? Presently, I'm a proud father of three, balancing life's challenges while wearing the hat of an online and in-person strength coach for both individuals and teams. My undying passion for health, wellness, strength, and fitness continues to fuel my purpose. This industry isn't just a career; it's a force that shapes me as a father, a husband, a businessperson, and as a human being.

I fervently believe in the profound impact of a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages. My heart beats for a life well-lived, not just in the present, but for the long haul – envision moving gracefully at 80 and beyond. And here's the exciting part – I'm thrilled to share this passion with you! Come join me in this journey, and let's embark together on a quest for strength and vitality. Come LIFT WITH LUKE!


Shoot me an email. See where it goes.

+1 780-777-7355

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